Am I robbing my daughters (Christmas) childhood...?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by NewHopePoultry, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Me and my husband dont put up a tree, we dont buy gifts for each each and we only buy our daughter what she needs and according to my mom, Im robbing her of her childhood, but not having a tree and by not buying her lots of toys.
    She does get toys, we just dont spend $100's on her buying needless toys, we only but toys, we know she will actually play with and that wont break within a week.
    I just dont see what a tree really has to do with Christmas...

    And the real big thing for her is Santa (my mother's big thing)

    We're not enforcing the whole naughty or nice thing (I think an old man always watching you is creepy), etc. We not telling her he doesnt exist, we just arent forcing him down her throat.

    Is it wrong of us to do this?

    (clear up confusion)
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  2. luvinmychickens

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    Idk.... It's really up to you... But wouldn't you love to see their bright, happy faces on Christmas morning, as they open up a few gifts??? I mean, you don't need to buy much.. We are just starting to do 3 gifts, because that's all that Jesus got. [​IMG]

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    I think its up to you. Everyone celibrates differently and as long as she is happy and so are you then that is all that should matter. Not what other people think. Christmas has become to comercalized with the tree and all the gifts and everything that people have forgoten the meaning.
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    School supplies for Christmas. WOOHOO

    Poor kid

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    I was brought up believing in Santa, the reindeer, etc...I love christmas time! Your not robbing your daughter childhood by not being that into christmas though. Everyone has there own opinion and everyone is different. Do whatever you believe is right. [​IMG]

    And even though my kids do believe in is kinda creepy thinking that old man is watching you...he sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake...[​IMG] LOL
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    Quote:Yeah... I used to freak out thinking he could see me when I was showering or using the restroom..... [​IMG]
  7. Everyone has the right to celebrate the holiday how they want to.
    I consider the tree and lights a tradition, not a necessity.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you raising your daughter exactly how you want to.

    You aren't robbing her of anything. You are showing her what the holiday is really about and that's what matters.
    When she's older and starts asking questions, then give her the real answers, not sugar coated ones. If she wants to try something different when she's older, then by all means, humor her and let her explore the holiday's true meanings. Until then, you are her parents' and have the right to raise exactly how you want to.

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    LOL Santa is now a child predator...
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    Quote:Yeah lol. [​IMG]

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    That does sound creepy. [​IMG]

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