Am I the only one who can't find deals or shows close enough to me NY?


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Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
I see on here all the time people listing upstate NY I get sooo excited and I ask where are you? They all turn out to be 2-3 hours from me-I feel like Im the only one in UPSTATE NY... I see awesome pullet deals or shows for pick up and such and they are always 3-4 or more hours from me. It's very frustrating. Im being a whinner
I think..." is it really that hard to buy nice pullet chicks" 4-6 EE's-or some none rare breed of pullets. I see them posted for sale or free but they are always in another state!
So what do I do-I post WTB adds-try and hatch my own ( I have 8 silkie chicks sex unknown-3wk old and 14 chicks of breeds I wanted-12 of the 14 are roos
...sorry I feel so much better now-I just had to vent and say living this far upstate NY really rots sometimes. Thanks for listening~
I guess so huh??
thats what the rant is all about in a nut shell-makes me laugh and white knuckle at the same time
I live in the middle of nowhere too!

There are one or two BYC Forum members near me, but so far, the swaps are too far for me to drive.

What I rely upon is the site.

I've had birds and eggs shipped to me with a pretty good success rate.

Swaps are great. But sometimes the USPS is enough!

Actually there are quite a few people who say "Wow, that is too far away!" and you come to find out it is an hour drive. A hour out west is NOTHING! It takes me an hour to get from one end of the city to the other sometimes. East coasters are so spoiled

(Not you, because I consider 3 hours to be a stretch, but can do it!!!)
very Nice purple chicken-
I guess when you take me up on my free eggs that I told you I would send you... Ill sneak to the store and buy store bought extra large brown non fertile eggs and see how long it takes you to figure it out! haha-how are ya?
Try finding some in Southern Quebec. AUGH.
I feel your pain, though. I'm originally from WAY upstate, NY. People say upstate and mean Binghamton, etc. I grew up right on the Quebec border.
wow your the first to have me beat!!! it is frustrating but It's like my own bio-security having no one near by!

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