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    Jul 9, 2010
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    I went to the local feed store on Monday and noticed they had a few chicks, so I asked the ordering manager if she was starting early this year and she said she wanted to try to see if they sold and ordered 300 chicks that arrived Friday and sold all but 15 over the weekend. I couldn't believe they sold that many chicks in such a short time considering the weather in South Ms has been too cold for us. I also talked to the manager at Dollar General a few miles from my home about them selling eggs and she said they sell 150 dozen eggs a week. That's another "I can't believe it" moment. I'm thinking I need to try to make some feed money if it's in that high demand.

    Has anyone else noticed this, I know times are hard and more people are raising chickens for eggs and meat but I didn't think it was this in demand.
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    I have had some health problems in the past couple of months and needed to cut back on my stock. I listed 100 roosters in the local paper here Thursday, had sold all of them plus about 35 hens I hadn't advertised by Friday night. Had lots of calls after I'd sold out too.

    I can't figure it out either, It usually takes me a couple of weeks to a couple of months to sell that many roosters. We also raised our price on eating eggs from $1.50 a dozen (Which has been our price for YEARS) up to $2.00 a dozen on the first of January. Selling them about as fast as I can gather them.

    I've already had calls about chicks for this year too, and I usually don't even start hatching until April.

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