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  1. We have an old english hen who was always getting out of her pen on rooster day. She kept going to our horse trailer and made a nest. We then had to use the horse trailer to haul a horse so we moved her. Thinking she would not sit back on a moved nest well she did kind of. We we brought the horse trailer back that night we decide all was lost anyway so what did it matter and decided to move her back to her orginial spot. She hatched out 8 of 8 eggs all different Dads funny only one is or looks like it is pure OEG she sure did get around ....they are so cute. I have to charge my camera. I feel blessed as this is the only hen who sat on eggs this year...wish I had more who coming
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    Congrats to you. I had one marans hen hatch 9 out of 9. The rest of the hens have had terrible hatches. If you want a broody hen,get a marans. Just about everyone(pure or mix)I've had has gone broody this year.
  3. Are those the ones that were hatching out the day we were there?
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    I can't wait to see the pics!
  5. [​IMG] Better late than never[​IMG][​IMG]one little[​IMG]two little, three little chicks[​IMG]
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    Great job mama hen! Cute chicks too! [​IMG]
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    Hopefully I will get similar results. I am setting a broody and this will be my first hen hatch. I had too many eggs for my incubator and I decided to put them out in one of the nesting boxes....well one of my hens is now sitting and trying her best to hatch the eggs..

    she was setting on some wooden eggs and I decided if she wanted to be a momma so bad I would get her some eggs to sit on....I dont have any roosters so I had to go to a local farmer to get eggs!!!
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. I have a picture that hung in my parents house from the time I was a baby. It is an antique print of a mama and 3 baby chicks under her. This reminds me of that. The whole thing is just adorable the way they are peeking their sweet little faces out.[​IMG]

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