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    I have raised chickens on and off for years....I always love hatching out chicks in my incubator besides selling farm fresh eggs so roosters are necessary even though they can be noisy ....usually I would get to a point that the constant crowing drove me so crazy that I would end up rehoming the whole my peaceful country life I don't have much tolerance for constant noise....when I was considering another round of chickens I had read about a device called the No Crow rooster collar.....I did some research on YouTube to see what people were was my understanding that although this device does not completely STOP a rooster from crowing, it greatly diminishes the force and volume of the crow....sounded like something positive to me! I ordered a batch of chicks from the hatchery in March of 2016 and was making prototypes of my own "No Crow" collar....when I finally heard the first "Croak" of my 4 roosters attempting to figure out how to crow at about 3 months, I put the collars on has been amazing....they have all but ceased attempting to crow at all!! They have just turned 4 months old- I realize it is still early, maybe too early to be convinced that there will be no crowing....but at the very least I am sure that a well fitting rooster collar will keep that air bellow in their neck from any crow will be greatly reduced in volume....

    I measured each roosters neck around the lower part of his neck with a measuring tape, fitting snug enough to allow your pinky finger underneath between the neck and the collar....then I added 2 extra inches to the measurement....I used 1 1/2 inch width material ribbon on a spool that you can get at Walmart....and industrial strength Velcro, also from Walmart- I placed a 1 1/2 wide piece of Velcro on each 1 inch end of the ribbon(sewed and fabric glued), rough side facing away from the chickens neck....then I put one on each Rooster on the lower portion on their neck(Look on YouTube for proper fitting instructions)....since there is 1 inch of Velcro on each end of the collar it is adjustable as the roosters does not interfere with eating or drinking and is flexible and comfortable after they get used to it....but there will be an adjustment period....most roosters will get a bit upset at first....STICK WITH IT...make sure it is adjusted snug enough that only 1 pinky finger can get between the neck and the experience has been simply has been a month...even though they had started to crow, there is ABSOLUTELY no crowing now....I think part of my success is the fact that I put the collars on them immediately when I heard the first crow....but I know from my research on youtube that it will work with a rooster of any age.....

    I hope this helps many people that cant stand the unnerving sound of chronic rooster crowing....Just like me!! Now there is peace and quiet with a little device that took 50 cents to make yourself!

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