amazing photo of flamingos in formation, wildlife artists?

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    had to share this with everyone here after getting this pointed out to me. thought some of you would appreciate this.

    Flamingos have many extraordinary qualities, but until now they have never been considered to be performance artists. Now, thanks to this amazing aerial photograph of a flock of Caribbean flamingos in the Mexican province of Yucat√°n, we may have to think again. Some believe that the birds' ability to arrange themselves into the shape of a flamingo (albeit a rather inelegant one) is evidence of divine intervention. But like all flocking behaviour, it is simply the best way to avoid predators and to find the best place to feed. Still, a once-in-a-lifetime moment for photographer Bobby Haas, who managed to grab just one image before the birds dispersed.

    nature does some awesome things​
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    Flamingoes are my FAVORITE and this is an extraordinary photo. Good find!
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    That's neat!

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