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    Mar 23, 2009
    I never expected to enjoy "plain" looking chickens ..I always prefered the fancier breeds..but my 6-pack of amberlink hens have proved to be great girls.
    I only got them to use for setting my silkie & other birds eggs..but i think id like an amberlink rooster now & would hatch a few of them. They have the BEST personalities & are amazing layers- i have 6 laying & some days i get 10 eggs & the colors of the eggs range from light brown to a dark coppery color.

    This bucket has proved to be the hot spot for laying in my barn- all the girls wanna lay their eggs in it.

    [​IMG] 3 of them like to be picked up & held, the other 3 prefer to come to you..but they all follow me around & enjoy human interaction. 2 of them have learned to fly out of the pen & found their way to my porch looking for treats.

    I tried posting a youtube vid but it wont work- heres a link
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    Apr 28, 2008
    Central Massachusetts
    I have 2 DeKalb Amberlinks that are about 20 weeks old. They have just started to lay (last week or so) and the eggs are very tiny. Will they get to be a normal sized egg?

    By the way....I love them too. They are so friendly and love attention.

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