Ambilicate? or distended intestine? [pic]


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Feb 22, 2007
Hey there. Will this chick make it?

This 2 day old is very much the runt of a larger hatch, but has also become our favorite. It's definitely had its ups and downs so far - discarded by its mom so I brought it in the house. It smelled real badly (still does sort of) so gave it a bath. When handling it a minute ago, I thought I felt pasty butt. Was going to give the proverbial pinch & pluck, but refrained after noting that the knot was near the abdomen, not the tail end. It is definitely not fecal build up. It appears to be dark red, but still hard. It is protruding through an opening on the bird's abdomen and is quite large. I examined other chicks in comparison, but none exhibit this.

I took a close up pic best I could (below). Is this just a large ambilicate that will fall off on its own? Should I remove it? Time for a vet? (as if in this economy). Other clues - this chick prefers to sleep standing up. It is however active, and does appear to eat some, though has never been ravenous like some of the others.




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Feb 4, 2010
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It smells bad? Check carefully there isn't an infected bit of flesh that hasn't scabbed over hidden under the fluff somewhere. Apart from the smell worry, your chick looks normal. They all have that crusty belly button thing for a bit, some just have more of a scab than others. It should heal up fine in time.

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