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    Forgive my spelliing if I didn't get those two breed names correctly but being new to all this, I have a simple question; are the two names the same breed or two different breeds? I ask because I've seen some web content that refers to the two as one. Just trying to clear up a little confusion.

    I've also heard that unless we got them from a breeder, they're Easter Eggers.


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    They are two very different breeds. I have the araucana so I will post a couple of pics, then you can always look at the araucana club of america website and the ameraucana club of america website to read about differences.

    Two most notable differences is the Araucana have long feathers protruding from their faces called tufts, the Ameraucana have short feathers like fluff called muffs and they have a beard.

    This is my tufted white roo Harley

    The second difference is that Araucana is a rumpless breed by standard although sometimes tails will occure, rumpless meaning complete lack of a tail bone. The Ameraucana has a tail.

    This is my tufted roo Henry the 8th

    Another visual difference is the Araucana is a yellow skinned bird and the Ameraucana is a white skinned bird.

    Hope this helpes


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