Ameracauna Colors ? What have i got ? Need expert. PICS


9 Years
Aug 11, 2010
Ok folks. I have a few black and blue Ameracauna chicks. Recently I got some blue/black eggs from a breeder. Supposedly the original birds came from Wayne Meredith and Anissa Haggerty. 6/9 hatched, but one chick died. So I have these 5 beauties. I thought it was 3 blacks, one blue, and one very light splash, and they have begun to feather out ( they are 6 days old in the pic. ) It looks like the black chicks have begun to turn blue on the wings and face. The light colored chick has bright white wing feathers and the blue (hiding) is obviously a blue. The chicks I have hatched previously were obviously blue or obviously black after a week. I know blue/black can give you blue or black or splash but what have i got ? Thanks for looking.

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I can't see the actual color of the chick very well, but from what I do see and from the light, it almost looks like a wheaton. It could very well be a splash though like you said and from the light in the pic just look like wheaton. It could also be white though because white birds have yellow down when born. As for the others, what you thought were blacks are probably just turning out to be a nice dark blue color, sometimes its easy to get them confused at hatch time.

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