Ameracauna? Easter Egger?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by chickmamat, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Hey all! My feed store sold this little lady (hopefully Lol) as an Ameracauna, but I thinking she might be an Easter Egger. I had read that EE’s get labeled A’s a lot. Thoughts? Her coloring wasn’t listed under the recognized A colorings I looked up.

    She’s two weeks old. When I first got her she was all chocolate brown except for her little beard and muffs (lighter). She looked like a little brown bear lol.

    Feel free to throw in comments on gender as well. She’s growing twice as fast as my little Wyandotte I got the same day. Figured that could just be breed differences though.

    2E13D29D-1320-4C31-BA3C-8D4596C61941.jpeg 30B8A11F-56FA-4972-B59F-311305501814.jpeg
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    Easter egger for sure.
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    That's an Easter Egger. As a rule of thumb, it's not an Amer unless it comes from a reputable breeder.
    One other way to tell, EE's don't have their colors labeled, but Ameraucanas do since they have standard colors.
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    Definitely an Easter Egger. The flags are the feed store, and no specific color i.e. lavender, wheaton, etc.
    Here's some info to help...


    Ameraucanas are a pure breed that has been recognized by the APA (American Poultry Association) since 1984. They were most likely originally bred from South American blue egg laying breeds but were developed and standardized in the United States. They come in eight distinct colors including, Blue, Black, White and Wheaten, which all share these distinct Ameraucana traits:


    Muffs and beard

    Red earlobes


    Blue legs

    White foot bottoms

    Always lay blue eggs


    Araucanas are more rare than Amerauacanas and harder to find. They are also a pure breed and have been recognized by the APA since 1976. They originated in Chile most likely and come in five colors including black, white, duckwing silver and golden. Araucanas all share these distinct Araucana traits:


    Ear tufts (this gene is lethal to developing chicks if inherited by both parents)

    Red earlobes

    Rumpless (no tail)

    Green or willow-colored legs

    Yellow foot bottoms

    Always lay blue eggs


    Easter Eggers are not a recognized breed. They are mongrels or mutts - mixed breed chickens that do possess the blue egg gene, but don't fully meet the breed specifications of either Araucanas or Ameraucanas. They can come in any color or combination of colors and share these traits:

    Any kind of comb

    Muffs/beard/ear tufts or none

    Any color earlobes

    Tail or tail-less

    Any color legs

    Any color foot bottoms

    Can lay blue but also sometimes lay green, tan, pink or even yellow

    So if you want to be guaranteed blue egg layers, you will want to raise some Araucanas or Ameraucanas; otherwise Easter Eggers are always fun because you never know what color egg each will lay until she starts laying, and even identical-looking hens often lay varying shades of bluish or greenish eggs.
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    Easter Egger
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