Ameracauna egg size?

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  1. I am confused about something I bought some Ameracauna eggs but they are small little eggs does that mean they are bantams? If they were standard size wouldnt their eggs be stnadard sized like my RIRs?
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    How small are we talking? Can you take a picture of them next to... say a quarter for size comparison? I don't think they lay eggs as big as your heavy brown egg layers, but they aren't tiny either.
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    Mine when I get them from our "egg lady" are considered large when weighed. Maybe they would be bantam eggs or maybe a new laying hen who just started laying...their eggs will be smaller when they first start laying.
  4. They are not teenie tiny they are half the size of the large brown eggs.
  5. I reciceved eggs this week from 2 different sellers, they were both Americaunas.One seller's eggs were on the smaller side and the other seller's eggs were huge in comparison, they were also a deeper color. I have considered the possibility that they are first year layers and are just small and they came from different breeding stock so who knows. The smaller eggs are supposedly from true aucauna chicken's according to the seller.The others were suppose to be ameraucana.That could also be the difference.They were smaller that I expected.
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    They could be from young hens. Bantam ameraucana eggs are really small. I would say that my LF ameraucana eggs are 2/3 the size of my Orpington eggs. I don't know if that helps you.
  7. I dont know I think they are standards but I assume the Ameracaunas are not as large a bird as are the double duty birds. These are not completely blues I mean a couple are a nice light shade of blue but the others are more of a washed out color. Something to do with molting? Is that correct?
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    As they progress into their laying cycle the color of the egg shells does tend to lighten. They are darker or brighter early in the cycle when they first start laying for the season.

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    My Blue Ameraucana, Charlotte, who is over a year old now, lays a medium to large egg.

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