Ameracauna Rooster - Phoenix, AZ

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  1. amandarestes

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    Aug 16, 2016
    We have an absolutely beautiful 7 month old Ameracauna Rooster that we just can't keep anymore. He has just had a surge of hormones and has been beating up on one of our poor hens and I can't take it anymore. He is fine with the other 4 ladies, is very gentle with me and eats right out of my hand.

    I have tried justifying keeping him for weeks but we did not intend to get him (thought he was a hen) and I can't handle him hurting one of the girls.

    We are located in central Phoenix and will deliver him if needed. If there is no response we are taking him to the Stock Shop Saturday for re-sale but I am such a big softie I would much rather know for certain he is going to a good home.

    Please text Amanda at 602.435.2920 if interested.


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