Ameracauna vs. EE ??


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I got my chicks from a local feed store. I'm not sure where they had received them from. Since reading more on this site, I have learned that Ameracauna's aren't that common. Is that right? How will I know what type mine are. They were sold as Ameracauna's, seems that can be hit or miss. I'll attach a pic of one. They're 7 weeks old. Some have puffy cheeks. Is that a sole indicator of which breed?


I already posted this same pic earlier, but I think it's the best one.
The 'puffy' cheeks are americaunas...that's called 'tuffed.' I just learned that the other day actually. Ppl kept saying rumpless/tuffed in reference to araucanas & I was clueless
Rumpless basically means no butt/tail best I can figure LOL
p.s. what I'd like to know is WHY the 2 breeds...which obviously look pretty different in the end, have such similar names...was it a goof, or did the 'Amers' start out from the 'Araus'?
Wow! Thanks for that...I love it when I am wrong & someone teaches me why! Thanks for that link kstaven

I always thought EEs were just mutts of *any* kind and that Araucanas had no tuffs at all...
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Ha it looks like a 50's hair do!

It IS very different. So my girl is just totally an EE then....nice to know. So NOW I see that the Araucanas ARE very rare b/c I certainly have never seen one....
Lots of misconceptions about both breeds out there. Many sights where the information is not correct, so it is easy to get confused when discussing these two breeds.

Then add into the mix that the european standard is a totally different bird from ours.

European araucana. Note the beard.

I will definitely check out that website. I want true Ameracaunas. According to the charts I've been looking at, they lay larger and more eggs than the aracaunas.

Are EEs a totally different breed altogether? Or are they Ameracaunas mixed with something else?
WHat was it about green legs? I got 2 americauna pullets...but they have green legs...does that mean they are americaunas or are they too EEs??

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