Ameracauna with runny poo...

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    May 6, 2007
    Madison WI
    Our girls - we got them in May - have been laying until recently. It's pretty cold here (Wisconsin!!) and we don't heat the coop - 2 have still been laying...
    I went out the other day and spent some time out there talking to the girls and noted that one Ameracauna - Cinderella - was kind of lethargic. Then I noticed that she had ice on her feathers by her crop and ice around her face feathers. None of the other chickens did...
    I went out again today and noticed she had very runny poop. But her butt looks fine - it's not covered....
    I am hoping it was in isolated incident. Then I saw that under the part of the roost that she sits on has alot of gray-ish frozen water/poo on it....
    I'm going to try some yogurt and what? oatmeal? cooked?

    I would really hate to loose her! She is our 5 year olds hen....

    I'm open for any good ideas!

    I have some Ivermectin to de-worm them with, should I do that now?
    How long until we can eat the eggs after Ivermectin?

    Enjoy thew snow!!!!
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    Sep 14, 2007
    To de worm use chopped raw garlic for three days.Add it to sdd/chopped carrot and cooked brown rice.
    :eek: Holistic is the better way to go. For more help you can contact --Wolf Creek Ranch-- They have a phone # 1-951-674-0921.
    They have been a valuable resource for my silkie chicks and have saved me many trips to the vet!!!!

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