Sep 14, 2017
The lady I got this bird from has no RR but even says it looks like one, she had no idea what it is, she has polish, ameracauna, and salmon faverolles.
Idk why picture didn't load but here it is
All of the ameracauna's (I dont think there are any full bloods, all EEs) I have seen here have RIR in their background, and my EEs leg colours are all over the place. I certainly get birds with this colour feathers. (even from those claimed to be pure bread)
The only chickens she keeps are
polish, ameracauna, and salmon faverolles. I don't see any polish in it and it's about 1/3 bigger than the polish I got at the same time

QUOTE="Frazzemrat1, post: 19681585, member: 477708"]what did she have with white skin? RR don't have white legs, they have yellow. And don't have single combs. Seems to me somebody got a visit from a roving roo.[/QUOTE]
dominant yes, mandatory no, I get a mix of style of comb, though certainly most are the pea comb,. Maybe mine are just freaks,,,

BTW how old is it? Have a pic of it standing on the ground?
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