Ameracauna's "muff" is gone? *moved to disease section*


8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
Central Wisconsin
Well it was there yesterday...but today the tufts of feathers on my white Ameracauna pullet's face, "muff", is gone... I did notice that a few of my birds where nibbling at their legs and itching their faces but nothing extreme. As a precaution against leg mites I wiped all 37 chickens legs down with a mix of vegitable oil, tea tree oil, and an itty bit of lice shampoo. I also bought a 40 lb bad of DE and dusted their coop, roost, dust area and feed. At first I thought they were just bothered by our very numerous gnat population, some of which bite, but now I'm not so sure. My other Ameracauna still have their muffs intact, any ideas?
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