Ameracuna pullets in or near north AL? Only need a few birds (4-6) NOT 10-25!


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013

I have been on a quest to find Ameracuna pullets for my smalll backyard coop. I can not have another roo ( didn't want the one I do have but was lucky his crow is not loud and he is friendly). So does anyone know of a breeder or hatchery that would sell me 4-6 Ameracuna pullets? Local would be the best option, near north Alabama / southern middle Tennessee but so long as the price was reasonable would consider shipping. I was really wanting Ameracunas because of their egg laying size/ rate and their friendly personalities ( they HAVE to get along with my existing pair of silkies. On a side note if anyone has any other breed suggestions let me know. I just know that Ameracunas fit my needs because my neighbor used to have some. In fact if she had told me she was getting rid go her birds I wouldn't be on this quest in the first place! :barnie

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