Ameraucana/ Barnevelder Cross

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    Sep 16, 2016
    I have a pure lavender ameraucana rooster, and a barnevelder hen I'm thinking about breeding this year. Has anybody crossed this pair and gotten nice olive eggs? Or are they likely to come out more like an EE egg? I know most people use marans for the dark brown eggs but I don't have any of those =(

  2. Lady of McCamley

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    I have crossed a Barnevelder rooster over Cream Legbar and gotten nice olive eggs.

    It really depends on the gentics of the rooster, no matter what breed you get for the dark brown.

    Unfortunately, you can't see the rooster's "eggs," so all you can do is test breed.

    I bred first over a white layer to see what the result was (a nice middle taupe) and knew he had dark genetics to pass along.

    I then put him in with my blue egg layers as was not disappointed.

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    I have 2 cockerel that are Americana lavenders also a very knowledgeable friend clued me they bread to anything not their own breed will come out black but not sex link good luck I am going to ask her to join this @junebuggena

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