Ameraucana Blue/green tail feathers


7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
Near Cobleskill, NY
I have a lovely Ameraucana hen or what was supposed to be a hen. The comb on this bird has become red, especially, in comparison to my other girls. Also, the tail is set more upright. Today, as my family and I were watching "chicken tv" as we like to call it, I noticed that there are these blue/green feathers coming from the tail. Rooster? Not one of my birds has crowed or layed any eggs yet.
the decription sounds just like mine.he is 11 weeks old.i was hoping for a pullet.but it is doing the rooster dance around the other chicks.and he is establishing his pecking order by chasing and pecking the other 9 chicks.
I did spend quite a bit of time outside observing him/her (Oreo) today. The feathers are pointed on the back now that you mention it. The blue/green tail feathers are difficult to see in a pic. They are just barely peeking out, but the ARE there. And.....Oreo was grabbing one of my hens on the back of the neck today. Is that a breeding behavior?
I have no problems with a rooster that is a gentlemen and polite with my hens, but this bird is a little pushy and reminds me of a bratty boy who likes to pull the girls braids and then run away. The tail is very relaxed in this photo, normally it is standing straight up. My EE hens are there in the backround, their bodies even look different. Their tails especially look different and even though you can't see them, their heads and facial features are very feminine,.Oreo's head and neck seems much more masculine.

Ok, then, ya'll are right. It's A BOY!!! We have some crowing attempts. It's hysterical! The "kids" went out to free range today since we moved them to the new coop, Oreo (the roo) was doing a good job keeping an eye out for the hens and....he put them to bed. It was awesome! He went from being kind of rude to being a little chicken rock star.

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