Ameraucana Chicks- any tips on what to look for when guessing sex?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by monarc23, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I KNOW that sexing chicks unless they're sex-link isnt always going to guarrentee the chicks sex. However, with hubby getting layed off a day, and everything else going on, I'm selling ALL my chickens except 5 ameraucanas, and a bantam EE chick.

    My issue is that im offering the other chicks for sale already, and i'm thinking that's probably not a good idea haha!!! I already picked the black chick I want from Saras line it's got really nice tufts and beard on it....i'm thinking it looks roo to me, but that's just a "feeling" I get not off expereince I'd LOVE your oppinons on it if you wouldnt mind and if you do have an oppinon on it's sex, please tell me what makes you think the way you do to help me. The other ameraucanas from another breeder I want to keep hens from (anda roo if this black one im keeping isnt a roo) arent due until 11-12th.... so I can't ask you all about them yet. But I will if anyone here is willing to help me [​IMG]

    Also, in just taking pictures of "him" "he" reminded me of the other reason I think it's a roo... its "brave" and pecks at me when it gets scared LOL! Who knows but I wanted to add that.

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    sorry, they need to be a couple weeks old before I even have an inkling of an idea

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