Ameraucana Chicks F/S- $3.50 each S/W PA

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    Due to my husband getting his fridays taken away from him at work, and a possible mass lay off in may, I've decided to sell my chickens and just focus on my quails because of feed costs. I was planning on breeding a nice flock of ameraucanas in BBS and Lav. as well as Marans and marans crosses but that has fallen apart in my hands for now. But as a wonderful friend told me, dont get down because I can always hatch them again [​IMG].

    I have four black Ameraucana chicks, they are 8 days old. They MAY carry the lavander gene. I have pictures of the eggs they came from if you're curious to see. I'll have to rummage them up. These are from Saras chickens (member of BYC).

    **I will add pics of the chicks here in a little bit I have to feed the animals first then I will snap away**

    I also have 2 ameraucana x buff orp chicks one is feathering out almost reddish, the other is feathering out white with barring they are also 8 days old and could possibly carry the lavander gene as well [​IMG] $1.50 each. They would probably lay olive colored eggs I'd orps lay brown, and the ameraucanas lay blue. They are built like an orp, but both have muffs and a hint of a beard.

    I'll also have one black langshang (he's gorgeous i'd do anything not to part with I may not.

    I'll also have pure BC marans, marans x ee, marans x orps, and seramas due to hatch on the 12th. No point in posting prices until they hatch though if you're interested please pm me with your offer or if you have any questions.

    I'll have BBS Ameraucanas due to hatch on the 11th from Cree Farms (show breeder in Washington State). She sent me two lines, an old one and a new one the old line I have 2 eggs from I think and they are slightly green in color but according to Cree Farms the type on them is amazing.

    I'll have RIRs and Golden Comet mutts hatching on the 16th-- $1.50 each.

    Pick up only, sorry. Unless you are traveling over by Johnstown PA (we go there everyweekend for groceries and feed).

    My zipcode is 15949 if that helps. ANy other questions please pm me.
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    hey Monarc...i want those BC Marans....probably all of many will you have? Where are they from? Is there anyway you could meet me like half way? If not Ill suck it up I guess lol....I may be interested in the sure and get back to me...I can wait to hear about them!
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    Quote:If the Ameraucana chicks are still available, I can pick them up this weekend? Let me know!

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