Ameraucana Chicks Male or Female?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by afey1, May 31, 2011.

  1. afey1

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    Jan 23, 2010
    That is the question of the day for me..[​IMG]. I bought 6 female Ameraucana babies. Well our girls are now 5 weeks old...
    This morning when I was near their nursery, I heard a noise! Hmmm I said.... That does not sound like what any of my girls would make... [​IMG]
    (We have 32 other hens, from 2 1/2 years, 1 year, 10 months, 7 weeks... ) So I video tape her. She/He sound like she is trying... I picked her up and to my surprise, I heard another one do it!!! [​IMG]
    Lucky me!!!

    The last rooster (Barred Rock) we had, I gave away. He did not like me near his girls... My husband ok. So we are going to hold these two boys as much as possible, and hope they are friendly as they get older..

    Anyone have any suggestion on how to help them be friendly?

  2. LarryPQ

    LarryPQ Easter Hatch!!

    Jul 17, 2009
    If they brooded together, they probably won't fight. One will establish dominance, and the other will be his wingman.

  3. afey1

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    Jan 23, 2010
    thanks ... I'm just hoping they will be friendly...
  4. gale65

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    Quote:In other words one will distract you, while the other goes jumping at you. LOL. Hopefully not. I had a mean RIR rooster and I couldn't take it anymore. I was bending over to check the feed and he jumped right in my hair. At first I thought it was the wire holding up the feeder. Scared the heck out of me. I gave him away to a friend and I think they ate him.

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