Ameraucana Combs - Hens Versus Roosters

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  1. jrudd

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    May 17, 2016

    I am not completely new to raising chickens, I have eight barbed rock hens, three white rock hens, a RIR rooster chick, and golden hen, and 13 straight run Jersey Giant chicks but I suspect most of them are roosters, My problem is sexing 12 week old Americanas that I picked up yesterday. They both have little bumps on their legs where a spur would grow but they are very small. I cannot tell by the comb wether or not they are actally hens or roosters,

    I apologize my pictures are not the best, I can get some more tomorrow afternoon.[​IMG]

  2. Alexandra33

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    Pretty sure those are Easter Egger pullets. [​IMG] Every chicken has "spur buttons" regardless of gender. My Sicilian Buttercup hen has actual sharp spurs, which is hilarious!

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    EE pullets

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