Ameraucana / Easter Egger Hatching Eggs (Midlothian, TX)

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    We have fertile eggs for sale to anyone who'd like to hatch their own chicks in an incubator or under their broody hen. Eggs are $40 per dozen. If you need them shipped, I can ship up to 2 dozen eggs in the same priority mail box for $20.

    1 dozen eggs shipped = $60
    2 dozen eggs shipped = $100

    Our flock consists 4 self blue (aka lavender) and 2 lavender-cuckoo roosters over 50+ lavender, cuckoo, blue-cuckoo and lavender-cuckoo hens.

    Most of the chicks hatched will be lavender or lavender-cuckoo. You could also get cuckoo, black, blue, blue-cuckoo and white chicks from these eggs. All chicks will carry the lavender gene. Black, blue and white are all approved colors by the American Poultry Association. The self blue/lavender variety is in the preliminary stage of being approved by the APA. We had the first qualifying meet for self blues at the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation Show (Shawnee, OK) in December 2016.

    For more information see:

    The lavender/cuckoo/blue-cuckoo/lavender-cuckoo Ameraucanas are not a recognized color by the APA, so they are technically considered Easter Eggers. The cuckoo patterned birds are still in the project stage and have not yet been perfected. They are fun to look at, though, and they lay beautiful blue/green/olive colored eggs just like the others.

    We cannot guarantee hatch-rate due to circumstances beyond our control once eggs leave our hands.

    Attached are pictures of some of the parent birds and a sample of the eggs.

    Our flock is P-T tested.
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