Ameraucana/Easter Egger Rooster???


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Hi all, new to the board yet have found an abundance of useful information here! We have 2 Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers given to us by a friends. They were born in July, and we think one may be a rooster, judging by the length of the tail feathers. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Based on the coloration (dark, splotchy red over the wings and back) and the long pointy saddle feathers I believe I see next to the tail, I'm going with roo.
Thanks for all the replies! We had a hunch it is a roo, but wanted to check with people that know a bit more, as we are only 2 months into raising chickens...
You are correct! Any bird with that darker red shading on the wings is going to be a roo.

You might want to qualify that with "any EE roo with darker red shading--" I have a bird that is clearly a pullet and has a white body with dark red shoulders. She's a cross between a RIR and a white Leghorn (probably).

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