Ameraucana Eggs - Difference in Color

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    What accounts for the difference in egg color in true blue-egg-layer Ameraucanas? I have noticed that sellers will take a picture and the eggs looks really blue, but to the naked eye and in person they appear green both indoors and outside. They are still a color that can be found on the ABC egg color chart, but is there a preference in egg shell color?

    Egg shell color with flash appears BLUE

    Egg shell color without flash and to the eye appears GREEN

    ABC Egg Color Chart for Reference:
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    I've found it really difficult to photograph blue eggs. Here's one I took of my first Ameraucana egg. It looks more aqua in the picture than it was in my hand. It's taken under my under cabinet lighting without a flash. It's the closest I could come to the actual color of the egg. I've also had difficulty taking pictures of Marans eggs.

    ETA: The light brahma egg in the lower left looks white in the picture, instead of pinkish brown.

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    I think the best way to photograph an egg is in natural light outside, no sun glare on it, on a white towel or cloth. It's really hard to get pics of the shades of blue sometimes.
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    This might be slightly off topic... But do true blue eggers also have a laying cycle like marans? They start off true-er blue but later in the season they are lighter or greener?

    Thanks for letting me jump in...


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  5. Mahonri

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    Yes, my eggs get lighter during the laying cycle.

    For some of my girls, that means more blue.

    My older girls have all just gone through a molt *feathers all over the back yard to prove it*... and so an new laying cycle has begun.

    I'm going to need to start incubating some of these beauties.

    I think that this pic was without a flash


    This one may have had a flash... I don't remember

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  6. sgtmom52

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    I have found that the most true color shows outside in natural sun light.

    Ameraucana in filtered sunlight...

    Ameraucana eggs with brown & green egg for contrast...

    Mixed basket with blue, green & brown eggs...

    This is an olive egger egg (cuckoo marans/Ameraucana) in the sun...
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  7. cashdl

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    This pic was taken inside without a flash. It is fairly accurate to what the eggs look like in person.


    They are all Araucana eggs just from different hens.

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  8. Thenino

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Hi, The egg on the left is one that my ameraucana lays. This picture is in the sun with no flash. What type do you think she is?

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    what species of chicken lays olive colored eggs? can you mix to breed together to get the olive color???
  10. Goose and Fig

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    Quote:Olive eggers are a cross breed- at least the first generation are. They are made by crossing a dark egg layer (like marans, welsummer, penedesenca...) and a blue egg layer like ameraucana or araucana. Sometimes EEs will work too if they have good egg color.
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