Ameraucana, Exchequer, Partridge Cochins, Easter Eggers - PickUp Only!

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  1. Do not Bid, just email or PM and let me know what you want!
    UPDATED 7/4, Currently Pickup only due to heat!

    In the brooder and ready to go (all prices straight run) :
    20 Partridge Standard Cochins $5 ea or 5/$20
    16 Blue & Black true Ameraucanas $6 ea (some older, ready to go outside $7.50 ea)
    18 Exchequer Leghorns $5 ea or 5/$20
    16 Easter Eggers $4 ea or 6/$20

    Older chicks, poults, ducks & geese: (no longer under lights)
    2 Bourbon Red Poults 6+ weeks old $15 ea
    2 Royal Palm crosses (bought eggs coloring in red instead of black) $10 ea
    2 Pair African geese (yearling gander with 5 mo old goose) $45 pair
    2 - 4 week old Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducklings (black w/white bib and brown w/white bib) VERY CUTE! $5 ea

    Also available:
    Young male doves (pied, white, blonde frosted) $10 ea.
    Adult Tom Turkey, 1 Royal Palm $25

    Hatching Eggs:(pick up or shipped at cost)
    Bourbon Red or Narragansett turkeys (laying season almost over) $2.50 ea
    Ameraucana, Dominique, Silkie $25 dozen
    Exchequer, Standard or Banty Cochin $18 dozen
    Easter Eggers, White Rock Cross $10 dozen


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