Ameraucana hatching eggs


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Oct 6, 2009
I purchased hatching eggs from someone online who claimed they were from pure bred Ameraucanas. The eggs in the picture looked very blue, but the ones I recieved are extremely light blue and a little discolored.

Does this mean that they are not pure bred or are true Ameraucana eggs very light blue?


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Jun 5, 2009
New Mexico
You can't expect your eggs to look EXACTLY like the picture.... Most of those photos are taken when egg color is at its best.. This shows you what the BEST color eggs you can expect from the birds you will hatch....
I'm sure you probably got pure Ameraucana... you just have to expect this time of year, that there will be some fading etc. in the blue color~ This is generally the end of a chickens laying cycle.....perfectly normal..

If your eggs arrived in good shape etc. it is customary to leave positive feedback now..........not after you see if you got your eggs to hatch... The seller can't control that...

Hope your hatch goes well!

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