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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by sara, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. sara

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    These are the first ameraucana babies I hatched, what are they? I believe (without looking) they are mid to late February hatches.


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    Sarah, number 2 looks like a pullet, but #1 looks like a cockerel.

    Go out and pick it up and look underneath the current saddle feathers to see if it has pointy ones coming in. Look on the lower middle part of the back and that is where they will come in first. He/she is just about the age that you would be able to see them.

    Oops you got a clean faced in that last picture. I had troubles at first getting some of those every once in a while out of the birds from a certain breeder.

    Nice lavenders in the background. One of the ones I got from John is just stunning.
  3. sara

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    Oh good, number 2 is the one I want to be a pullet [​IMG] It's comb actually has no red in it, I'm not sure why the picture looks like it has a little, maybe the flash. Most of the other blacks in that pen are from John.

    I will definately check for the pointy feathers underneath. Nothing on the surface appears pointy.

    My lavenders are going to need a little work. One has great muffs, the other a good beard. I also think they are all boys. So I'm hatching all the blacks I can to use with them. I'd love to see pictures of your lavenders [​IMG]

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