Ameraucana, hen or roo? PICS


12 Years
Sep 26, 2010
South Georgia

Ok, please tell me the inevitable! I am preparing myself for this being a rooster. I bought it not knowing if it was male or female. I thinking it is around 4 or 5 months old. It hasnt crowed yet either. I really really really want this to be a hen! It is my friendliest chicken and runs up to me and lets me hold it.
16-20 weeks? My guess is hen.
There is a long long thread here on sexing EEs. Just an fyi. We have 2 EEs and found it helpful.
It looks like a rooster to me. I think I can see pointy saddle feathers. Kind of hard to tell for sure from the picture. The comb looks awfully red to. I have 16-17 EE's and their comb is not nearly that red.
Are they pointy or rounded?
Pointy = rooster

That bottom tail feather looks round to me. Have you got more pics?

Our ee's combs change color with how hot they are. When it is very warm, they are deep red. If I give them water or turn the hose on for them to play in, the combs turn pink/red/rosy.
That appears to be a georgous lavender Ameraucana roo, but if it hasn't crowed yet that is interesting. It does appear to have saddle feathers and the neck looks like it has hackle feathers. If if is a hen, it should start laying any time judging by the red face.


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