Ameraucana hens seem to be hatching all females

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  1. Turtle Knock

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    Oct 20, 2013
    I got 7 chicks from an ad on Craigslist - someone said they found an ameraucana hen in her husband's workshop with a brood of chicks this February. All 7 were hens, very broody hens that all disappeared and returned with clutches of chicks (one hatched 19 chicks!) So far not ONE of their chicks appears to be male, and of the banty eggs we slipped into their nests, we've only had 1 rooster hatch and the rest appear to be hens.

    So I'm getting really curious about whether there's something about the way these hens hatch their eggs that makes them come out all girls, like a temperature thing, like with lizards where one temp makes females and another temp makes males, or if there's some genetic disorder that makes them only make viable embryos that are female (there's one in humans for males and one for females), or if my dog, who hates roosters, is sniffing out the males and "offing them" before they mature. He's not allowed to kill chicks and is very careful around them when I watch tho he often tries to sneak up on them to sniff their butts.

    If it were a temperature thing then in a brooder you'd get 50/50 and under the hen I guess they might come out mostly males or mostly females. Anyone experience that? I'm just dying of curiosity!

    When I raised fish we found out about these self-cloning crayfish - someone had one in a tank and noticed it kept reproducing by itself, all females and that's how they were discovered. We got one and sure enough, having never been around a male at the right age she started laying eggs and hatched all females. They think it was a random mutation that someone just happened to notice. In the back of my head I'm wondering if I have mutant, Amazon hens, LOL!

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    Aug 29, 2012
    Been talking about it on the faverolle thread too. Apparently the hen determines the sex of the offspring rather than the male like in mammals.

    It would be interesting to hatch some more of their eggs to see if the female hatch rate continues.

    The bantams could be coincidence??

    Could also be that you have some roosters hiding in the batch. How old are the offspring? Wondering if they are old enough to sex with certainty yet.

    Would be pretty cool if you had hens that only laid girl eggs though :)
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    Jun 12, 2013
    Northern NY
    i have a bantie hen that for the last 2 hatches has hatched out 3 chicks, 2 female one male, this time she hatched out 8 (one disappeared at a few days old) but of the 7 survivors, looks like 5 hens 2 roos... one roo is single comb, another is rose comb... i finally know who the father is lol

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