Ameraucana & Marans chicks for sale - Lavon, TX - Local pick up only

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    Jan 21, 2010
    All are sold pending pick up on Tuesday afternoon. Will update at that time.

    Local pick up only - I am in the Lavon, TX - Nevada, TX area.

    Use to get an idea on distance from where you are.

    Hatched 2-26-14 --- Straight run - unsexed.

    Marans chicks:
    1 Splash & 10 blue/black copper. I have 11 Marans chicks total, not sold individually.

    Ameraucana chicks:
    5 Splash, 2 blue & 1 that will be 1 or the other. I have 8 Ameraucana chicks total, not sold individualy.

    The Ameraucana flock is a splash roo over blue & splash hens - these are not like the Easter Eggers you get at feed stores. These are pure Ameraucana, hatched from blue eggs.

    The Marans flock is a Blue Copper Marans rooster over Blue & Black Copper hens. These are French Copper Marans so they do have feathered legs.

    You must bring something to transport them home in. A medium size box like the medium priority mail box is a good size.

    Adult birds pictured are not for sale.

    NOTE: Apparently I was not clear in this listing. Looks pretty cut and dry to me but I guess not as I have had 1 message asking me if I will "sell 1 chick and ship it properly as to have it arrive alive". And another asking if I will sell just 5 chicks and again the question of shipping and would it be done "right". No hidden sales pitch here. They are for sale EXACTLY as I have them listed - no individual chick sold 1 by 1. And when I say local pick up only - I mean just that - no I will not ship ANY chicks. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - IF YOU ARE DRIVING DISTANCE, YOU BE THE JUDGE OF HOW FAR THAT IS FOR YOU... And I had 1 person message asking to have "a couple of chicks, eggs and a parent hen to raise them - shipped!
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    I just wanted to thank you, KatCai, for the amazing BBS Ameracuana chicks we purchased from you! They are by far the friendliest chickens we've had, and we've raised over 150 here in the last year. They run out to greet us, and almost beg to be picked up! I'm so thrilled with them, and I pray we got a male in the mix, because they all seem so docile and sweet.

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