ameraucana or araucana?


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May 2, 2010

I recently got two pullets that the feed store said are both Ameraucanas. (Sorry, no pics. I can take them if need be.) One bird has fluff on the side of her "cheeks" and, clearly, a more pronounced "puff" of tail feathers. They are both the same colors, though. Brown/black and bluish legs. Very pretty birds. I do think that the one with face fluff is a Araucana though, right?

Aracanas are rumpless. and have tufts coming out from the ear/lobes area.

Ameracanas have a tail and are muffed.

Easter eggers - well who knows what they will look like.
The fluffy faced one is most likely and Easter Egger. Araucana's have tufts of feathers like this bird of mine. Araucana's are also rumpless.


hmmm, she looks a lot like that pic.
I'm gonna have to take pics and post tomorrow.
WHAT is an easter egger? How is it different from Americauna and Arcauna?
An easter egger is a bird that has muffs and beard (or fluffy face and neck ). It can lay a blue, green, pink, brown, or white egg. You won't know till it starts laying. They resemble ameraucana (sp) somewhat but are a mixed breed chicken that has ameraucana somewhere in its history and has the possibility of laying blue or green eggs.

An araucana is a tufted, rumpless, bird that lays blue or blue green eggs.

If you got your birds from the feed store they are easter eggers. If you want araucana or ameraucana you need to get those from breeders.

The araucana and ameraucana are a rare bird and can be difficult to find. I have pics of my araucanas on my website.

They were listed at the feed store as Americaunas (sp). I do have a pic but I don't know how to upload....

Something weird tho, is up because they were listed as they same kind of bird and they do NOT look the same. The fluffy-faced one one has a "pom-pom" of feathers on her rump. The one with no fluff on her face has no rump.

just found this on the web:

he Ameraucana breed has a tail and sports muffs and beard in the facial area. These characteristics are true-breeding. Other requirements of both breeds may be found in the APA's Standard of Perfection and in the American Bantam Association's (ABA) Bantam Standard.

so maybe I have one real one and one easter egger.​
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so maybe I have one real one and one easter egger.

Yes , hatcheries often call their EE Americana / Araucana ; unfortunately they are usually neither Ameraucana nor Araucana as recognized by the APA . EE are still very nice birds .

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