Ameraucana or Easter Egger?

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  1. jeremy

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    I'm interested in getting one of the two, Ameraucana or Easter Eggers, up until recently though I was under the assumption that they were the same breed? I was talking a friend of mine the other day who just picked up some Ameraucana chicks from the local feed store and she informed me that I was definately wrong. [​IMG] However, she didn't say what really set the two breeds apart?

    I know their appearances are similiar but what are the major differences in the breed? I'm mainly interested in whichever bird produces the green and blue tinted eggs. But I'd like to know more about egglaying (per day), physical attributes, behavior, etc. Somebody told me that they were the "mutt breed" of the chicken world?

    I know I could just google all this, but hearing it from someone who owns these birds seemed so much better.


  2. speckledhen

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    If you really want that blue egg, you should get a true Ameraucana and you won't find those at feedstores or hatcheries. They need to come from a breeder. EEs can lay any color egg since they are mixed breeds. You should do a search on the subject here--it's been discussed many times. Here is an explanation on a good breeder's website:
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    yep, your friend has EE's, feed stores don't sell true ameraucana. If you want a breed that will positively lay a blue egg then ameraucanas are what you want. The EE's from the hatcheries can lay any color, but most lay blue/green, but not a guarantee. Speckeldhen gave you a good site, check it out [​IMG]
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    There may be a few easter eggers that lay brown eggs, but the majority will lay blue or green tinted ones. It's an exception to the rule for an EE not to lay a colored/tinted egg. We bought 3 EEs, just in case one was a cockerel or didn't lay the color we wanted(we wanted at least 2 greenish egg laying hens).

    One of ours just started laying last week at 22 weeks old - the olive colored ones are hers (not sure if the lightest green one is hers also or if another EE has started to lay too). The large one is her 4th egg and was a double yolker.


  5. mom'sfolly

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    One of my EEs lays a bluish egg, and when she was first laying they were almost a pale robin's egg blue, the other lays a more olive egg. The EEs are usually crossed with something that increases egg production, not a bad trait by any means.
  6. Mahonri

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    I have an EE that lays a very blue egg, but it's still not a recognized Ameraucana.

    Different purebred Ameraucana varieties can be bred and you can still end up with an EE.

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