Ameraucana or EE?


Apr 29, 2017
And the first eggs laid are usually much smaller than they will be as a full grown hen...
I am not so sure both of the eggs pictured are hers.... both are VERY differently shaped. Each bird has its own unique same shape to each egg.

If you mean the ones I posted for Cleo, one is the first egg, and the other is from today. She started laying on July 15th, the one from today is of course bigger, as that is what happens as they age a bit after the first egg. They are the same, one is just larger, same color and well she is the only one I have that lays that color of egg at this point. My little EE Chloe has not started to lay yet, and my other two little EE's are only about 9 weeks. All of my other hens were picked for their expected egg colors, I have wheaten marans, cuckoo marans, and brahmas. The brahma's I got for my son as he loves them, they lay tan - light brown eggs, and they are kind of small for their size. The wheaten marans lay dark chocolate eggs, and the cuckoo's lay a reddish brown egg. However, as Cleo is the only new one I have laying that does not matter at this point. Maran's take a long time to lay according to all the research I have done, and the brahmas will start soon, but their eggs will be light. Heck I have been getting light ones that are almost pink, but those may be from a brahma, Ella's are a little more purple.

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