Ameraucana pullet--is she definitely a pullet?


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
We recently got some Ameraucana pullets from a near by farm. Two are all white, and two are darker colored. This one has tail feathers that appear more droopy that the other three pullets. I think they are around 17 weeks old.



The bird's comb looks the same as the other pullets doesn't crow or anything either, the tail feathers just look a little different.

What is the name of the coloring? Are these considered Easter Eggers or Ameraucanas? I'm forever confused about the difference.

Here is a picture of three out of four of the Ameraucanas.


The one with the suspect tail feathers is the darkest bird.

And just to share, here is one of the white Ameraucanas.


I feel relieved. I was pretty sure there would be other rooster signs by this point, but just to be certain I posted the pictures. I can't have roosters in my suburb...
The darker ones are easter eggers. I can't see the color of the white ones' legs, but I would guess that if they have EE's, they wouldn't have ameraucanas too. All I really think I know is that if the white ones are ameraucanas, they will have slate legs, not green.
The white ones have slate that means they are Ameraucanas?

Is there any way to tell what color eggs they will lay? I'm so excited about having a rainbow of eggs in my fridge.
I only know what I've read on here about ameraucanas, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that a white, bearded and muffed, slate-legged chicken is an ameraucana, not an EE.

There is no way to tell what color eggs your EE's or ameraucanas will lay. An ameraucana should lay bluish-green to green eggs, and an EE can lay anything from blue to green to olive green to brown to pink. My hatchery EE laid beautiful bluish-green eggs, and my EE/australorp crosses laid a pretty olive green egg.

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