Ameraucana pullet or cockerel???


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Jan 11, 2013
Alabama (Gulf Coast)
I have 3 "Blue " Ameraucana chicks that are about 4 weeks old. I'm not sure what to look for to sex them so here are some pics. The splash struts around more and holds it's tail more upright, but I don't see any real difference in the combs or wattles yet. Am I right that if I breed the Splash to the black I'll get 100% blue and the splash to the blue would be a mix of all three?

Oh I threw in my boy with a White Leghorn because he's so cute and a couple of pics of a roo from the local co-op that I believe is a New Hampshire red??? Any input is appreciated.
ya i usually wait until their fully feathered to tell if their a pullet or a cockerel i will be posting some stuff up here in a few weeks like a month or something maybe a little bit after two of my eggs hatched and 3 others are pipped and their all early first one was on day 19 next was day 20 which is today and the other 3 might hatch tonight or in the morning and then the last two next day i think

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