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Our little 8 week old Ameraucana Roo, we have named him Rudy, sounds like a choking Roo when he crows. There is not anything wrong with him, that is just his sound. He started crowing a week ago and his voice is getting stronger but he sounds the same. We love his unique voice/sound. Do you think he will keep it or will it change to a more traditional crow?

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This might explain a little bit, I hope.

No history of the “Ameraucana” could be complete without understanding some of the history of the “Araucana” breed. But one should first understand that the “Araucana” as we know it, was never a “pure” breed, even in Chile.

To generalize the situation as briefly as possible; going back Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, the Mapuche Indians in Chile had TWO breeds of chickens raised in different areas of the country: One they called the “Collonca”, which was small, laid BLUE eggs, rumpless, and had a small single comb; the other they called the “Quetro” or “Quetero”, derived from their word “kerto” meaning stammering, referring to its peculiar crow. The “Quetro” was TUFTED, had a flowing tail, pea comb, and laid brown eggs --- “Tufted rumpless” occurred when a rumpless bird crossed with a tufted tailed bird, but these offspring were rare. The latter were later called “Collonca de Arêtes” by the Spanish, meaning “Collonca with EARRINGS”. These “Collonca de Arêtes” were blue egg layers, since the blue egg gene is dominant.

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