Ameraucana Rooster - approx 1 yr in age. Beautiful and healthy.


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8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Location: West MI

This little guy showed up at our doorstep literally one day last fall and decided to join our flock (he goes by 'Romeo' accordingly).

He has been a great rooster, very healthy, and has a perfectly beautiful crow! He is gorgeous - Ameraucana's just seem to have more lush feathers then your average roo. He is not aggressive to us or our pets. Has a pretty laid back, cool cat personality. He is very intelligent too - we have some hens that prefer to hop our short (3 ft) fence and he quickly learned how to follow them to keep tabs on everyone, and then lead them back home every day.

We are moving and need to relocate him to a new home. Since he melded so smoothly with our flock (including another rooster in our flock! (which is also available)) he should be able to do it again with another!

He'll make a great roo for your ladies and he'll be very grateful to you for giving him a new home! :)

After the rain and cold I hope to get some more pics up, but here's one for now!

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Texan Chicky

7 Years
Mar 12, 2012
I hope you find a home for him. Ameraucanas are the BEST roosters, love mine, so sweet and great to the ladies.


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Jun 6, 2013
Have you found a home for your Ameraucana yet? My daughter's rooster was killed and she was devastated. She would love to have him if you haven't found a home yet!

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