Ameraucana - rooster or hen


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Jul 30, 2020
This is an Easter Egger pullet. As it the one with yellow legs, but it is a cockerel. The black may be pure, she is a pullet. View attachment 2288645
The black hen is an olive egger- Maran Amer mix. The yellow legs are slate at the toes and darkening. I've read you get a lot of color variations with ameraucana. Thanks though. So the buff colored one you think is a pullet, one pullet out of four haha.

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Apr 5, 2015
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Ameraucanas have white skin and slate legs. The darker leg pigmentation on white skin=slate and on yellow skin=willow. The if they're not a standard color variety, they're Easter Eggers. The only *possible* Ameraucana may be the wheaten looking cockerel but if he's out of the same flock as the others, he's not pure either because the others are Easter Eggers and showing definite signs. I am not seeing many pullets. I see an EE and the Olive Egger pullet and a Svarthöna pullet. And then the White Leghorn and RSL pullets. (What I'm assuming their breeds are at least!)

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