Ameraucana Stopped Laying/May Have Laid Rotten Eggs

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    My little ladies are just over a year old and have been laying frequently for about the past 5 months. I have one barred rock and one ameraucana (I originally had 2 silkies and a wynadotte as well, but they all ended up being roosters so I re-homed them).
    My concern is for my ameraucana. About a month ago she stopped leaving her coop much and every time I would check on her, she would just be sitting in the laying box on top of her and her "sister"'s eggs. I would have to pick her up and move her to collect the eggs, every day. I would put her down on the ground when I moved her and she walked around normally and pecked at the grass but the next time I'd look outside, she'd be back in the coop.
    Recently (within maybe the past week or week and a half), she's completely stopped laying, but she continues to sit in the laying box. (Sidenote: she MAY also have laid a few rotten eggs before she stopped laying but they were eggs that I gave away to my parents and I'm not totally sure how long they waited before they ate them. I did, however give them a combo of both chicken's eggs, and only the blue ones were rotten.) Again, when I pick her up and put her outside, she walks around and when I move her legs and wings, nothing seems to be injured.

    This has been my first experience with chickens and I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a vet to look at her. I could only find one vet who said he would come out to our place for a $200 fee and then any additional charges for the exam would be on top of that, and even so, he said it's very hard to diagnose problems in living chickens?

    SO, I'm turning to this community in hopes that there might be some suggestions of specific things I can check myself or ways I can try to help/treat her?
    I appreciate any and all feedback and am happy to answer any questions with info. I may have left out.
    ALSO, if this isn't the exact right forum to post in, I can repost somewhere else if necessary.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to BYC. She may be broody, or trying to hatch eggs. Look at her belly and chest to see if she has pulled out her feathers there. Since this ihas been going on for awhile, I would break her, and not let her sit on eggs. You will need to remove her from the nest box (if you agree that she is broody,) and place her in a large dog crate or pen without bedding. Put her food and water there. Add some electrolytes and vitamins to the water for a couple of days. It may take 5-7 days to break her, since it is a hormonal change. Then, always remove your eggs from nest boxes daily, for everyone's health. If you want to save some eggs to hatch, keep them inside and date them for the day you start hatching.
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