Ameraucana X chicks 8 chicks available for immediate pick up


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Chicks hatched from bright blue Ameraucana eggs yesterday. Healthy and also vaccinated for Merak's disease.

Ready for immediate pick up!

I don't know how to sex them so they are straight run only.

Woodstock, Ga.
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Crossed with Silver Pencil plymouth rocks.

I've since seperated everyone so from here on, I should have pure of both breeds. My husband took for-EVer building another coop. LOL
I'm going to have to add a another roo possibility to the mix. I had another chick hatch today that was sired by a 5 toed peacomb dorking, as it has 5 toes.

Based on this chicks color, I think it's the same sire as some of the other chicks w/4 toes. There are 2 chicks who are darker yellow whom I now suspect who were sired by the SPPR, but the others now look to be half dorking.

So I have 6 chicks, 2 by SPPR and 4 by a peacomb dorking.

This is Michelle. I bought the 8 chicks from you. Did you have more babies?
I tried pm'ing you but your box is full.

6 chicks left, more scheduled to hatch March 13th. (eggs were set on 2/20)
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How do you order or where do you order the Mareks vaccine in small quantities, I understand that it doesn't store in refrigerator and must be used I think it is within minutes of being opened. So I wonder how you can offer the birds this low and still have the active vaccine. The smallest bottle I was able to find was $24.00 and that was for 100 chicks plus shipping and handling...Not picking on you but would love to know how you can get the small bottle of vaccine.
All of my birds are vacinnated if they hatch here and I'm keeping any of them. At this point because of my set up, (when these chicks were conceived) one roo I have now sold was in the mix and I want his genes. So I'm hatching anything that could be his and keeping those. Since I vaccinate everything, may as well vaccinate everyone regardless of being mixes since I've got a 1000 dose bottle. I've only been able to find the 1000 dose bottlle. So at this point I'm losing money per hatch. I have 4 bottles of unopened meraks ready to go when needed. I wouldn't purposely 'breed' this variety since they're worth so little. The left over doses go in the trash.

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