Jul 18, 2016
I was given some eggs by someone who said they were purely ameraucana. Not knowing much about that breed I'm gonna trust that that's what I was given.
I was wanting to find out if the chick was a true ameraucana and if so what color would she be when she was fully grown?
Also, she is only 2 days and I was wondering if there was a way to check her gender without venting. Is the wing test reliable, and if so is it reliable at such a young age. Thank you!
IMG_1837.jpg IMG_1838.jpg IMG_1839.jpg Plenty of photos of wheaton chicks and adults to compare against.

No, wing sexing doesn't work unless the parent stock was selected for this purpose. No matter what you might have seen on YouTube, the vast majority of hatchery chicks are vent sexed if they aren't sexlinks.

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