Jun 28, 2019
NE Kansas, USA
I bought an Ameraucana pulley at a swap meet and as I was trying to look up what variety she is, I started to wonder if it is really a true Ameraucana. I was told she hatched “in May” so is probably about 4 months old.

Any opinions?

I don’t know a ton about this breed beyond the egg color. She is definitely our sweetest bird and will hop up on my arm if I’m down working on something. I realized she had mites but I’ve now treated her and hope her feathers will fill out more soon.


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Thanks! I was wondering about that after not finding good matches on pictures. Some of the chickens that couple at the swap meet has looked a little rough and the two birds I got from them had mites so at least they’ll have a good life in our backyard flock even if not exactly what I thought I was getting!
Easter Egger. Could be a mix between Ameraucana and something else. The feather colour is a dead giveaway that she's not pure.

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