Ameraucana's, Araucana's or EE's ???

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    I have 8 Hen and 2 roos. My 3 older hens are about 19 weeks and the rest are 7 weeks. They were sold to us as Araucana's from our local feed store. I am having trouble differentiating between Ameraucana's, Araucana's and EE's and I was hoping ya'll might be able to help me out with my chickens.. Maybe even help me color code them. I have heard splash, weaten (sp?) Etc. But don't know what that means :/

    My 3 older girls. 19 weeks :)

    One of my roos. Definitely the dom

    Second roo.




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    Your birds are Easter Eggers. Ameracuanas are a pure breed of chicken that only come in a few color varieties: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, and White. Ameraucanas also have blue legs; if a bird doesn't have blue legs, even if it has a similar color pattern, it is not an Ameraucana. Your birds have green legs, so, though I see some that could qualify as White or Blue, they are Easter Eggers.

    Araucanas are another pure breed of chicken. They have no tails (not even a tail bone). They are quite rare, and you will probably never see a hatchery selling pure Araucanas. Any bird that has a tail is not an Araucana.

    Hatcheries often call Easter Eggers "Ameraucanas/Araucanas". This means that they are Easter Eggers, as pure breeds are only known under one name. Hatcheries also sometimes call them "Americanas", which is another indicator of the birds being Easter Eggers. Basically, any bird that you find at a feed store or buy at a hatchery will be an Easter Egger.

    Easter Eggers are crosses of Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and higher-production, brown-egg laying birds. They lay greenish or pinkish eggs, and exhibit some of the same characteristics as a pure breed, but differ in color pattern, leg color, and egg color (pure Ameraucanas or Araucanas lay blue eggs, not green). Unless you plan to show, Easter Eggers are just as good as their pure bred relatives.

    In response to your question of what colors your birds are, most of them do not fit a real color pattern. Only the bird on the far left in the first picture, the bird in the second to last picture and the birds in the last picture could be recognizable colors; wheaten, blue and white, respectively. Your other birds are just mixes of colors.

    Hope this helps!
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