Ameraucanas - help me sex them! -Updated comb pics


8 Years
May 19, 2011
I'm pretty sure one of the black splash's is a roo, but I'm wavering on the white and one of the blues. I would love some help. They'll be 8 weeks this Saturday. Thanks!
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1st set a pullet and cockerel
2nd set both appear to be pullets
3rd set both appear to be cockerels

comb shots would help.
Here are comb close-ups. Best I could do with the cam I had.Thanks again!

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Ignore the last pic - it's a duplicate and I was having trouble removing it for some reason so I just left it in. Thanks!
Edited to add: Although it is clickable and the other is not.
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Thanks again guys. The suspected blue and white boys have been sold. I would have kept them longer but we're tight on space. Just have the black boy left. I'm worried that one of my leftover blues is starting to get a pinker, larger comb now. If I get two girls out of six I'll be happy, but three would be nicer.

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