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    Nov 5, 2010
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    I am kinda new to chicken keeping and the Ameraucanas vs EE confuses me. Whats the difference? How can you tell them apart? some of the online places use the names interchangeably.
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    you'll find that it can be very complicated for some to define what's an EE and whats an Ameraucana.

    Anything you buy from a hatchery=EE
    anything called an ameraucana with green legs=EE
    anything without a pea comb that is called an ameraucana=EE.

    Those are some big ones that I have run across with having ameraucanas for about 2 years. If you just look at a good ameraucana and there are some of Feathersite and then you look at your average EE they will then just stick out like a sore thumb. One more little thing. If they look like they have a very "unique" pattern and the person/business is calling them an Ameraucana/Araucana that is something to look out for because those are EE's as well. hope my quick over view helped a little

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    Lets see that sore thumb [​IMG]
    Price is the big differents and you can't take him to the show as an ameraucana.
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    Quote:Trust me I know PLENTY people who sell their EE's at the same price as Ameraucanas and vice versa.

    Also, sorry but they do stick out. It's called having a recognized color that breeds true, having the right leg color, and in some other cases having a beard/muffs or a pea comb.

    If I saw a flock of Ameraucanas, doesn't matter what color, then an EE in the middle. . . With the common colors EE's come in, yes, she would stick out like a sore thumb. To those who can spot an EE vs Ameraucana, of course. [​IMG]
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    Here is the standard for Ameraucana: (NOT Americana or numerous other misspellings)

    EE's do not have a standard they are mutts. (Please note I love my EE's dearly my top hen is an EE)

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    Mar 29, 2009
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    OK, stick out like a rainbow, I feed him and wormed him for 5 mounts and he was free. Nothing wrong with a backyard chicken and not all chickens can go to the show room floor. Last ameraucan rooster I saw for sale was $50 and I know all are not that high, just sayin', This one was free, was not going to cut his head off and put him in the trash, She liked him, he was a good boy and I knew he would get a good home if he stayed nice. All I'm saying is all chickens can't be special. My husband sales these big eggs to people that don't want store bought ones and I was making him this years hens, this rooster was extra that was taking care of the pullets of his age.
    So, if you get a picture of him I would like to see him, he will make you cute babies and take good care of your girls. Down the rode if you want ameraucanas These two and more people can hook you up.
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    SOME EEs are mutts. Many more are what you'd call a landrace - like the Icelandics. No written standard but a surprisingly consistent look (chipmunk babies, gamey colors as adults) and predictable breeding. Ameraucanas were developed from that landrace; they're refined EEs. EEs aren't Ameraucana X random layers, except those few that really are mutts. It always makes me smile when someone says they're mutts that inherited the blue egg gene - they inherited the blue egg gene, the willow leg color, the plumage color, the body type, the comb type, and the muffs and beard - and they breed true and predictably. That's pretty dang close to anything you could say about a purebred.

    By the way, Sandhill has APA Ameraucanas, so it's not true that all hatchery birds are EEs. He's also got EEs but he makes the distinction clear.
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    Jul 21, 2010
  10. BlacksheepCardigans

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    Yes. He also has blacks that are APA out of show flocks. Like I said, he makes the difference clear.

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