American Bantam Association auction at the Crossroads show!

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    The ABA Auction at the Crossroads show is getting close
    (We will be adding updates as they come in.....)
    We will accept bids via email up until Sunday, October 23, 2011 midnight.

    Here are the offerings:


    Two framed 1983 Original Painting Bearded White Polish by Diane Jacky Male and Female (2 paintings)- anonymous
    Donated and signed by Artist Kim Munden - 2 prints - Male and Female Pastel Calls framed
    Donated and signed by Artist Kim Munden - White Wyandotte Male - framed
    Black and White Pencil drawing - 7 Bantam Classes - drawn and donated by Cara Smith, CO (pictures attached)
    Library Donation donated by Richard Sisson, SC
    Library Donation donated by Kevin and Karen Unrath, NJ
    Original Painting by Gessaman - 1968 - Trio White Cochin Bantams (Reserve must be met)
    Original Painting by Gessaman - Golden and Silver Sebrights (Reserve must be met)
    A package of ten poultry-themed greeting cards by KatyDids Cards, donated by Laura Haggarty

    Pair of Black Modern Games by Tom and Briget Kane, VA
    Pair of Modern Game Bantams by James Miller, MO (variety to be determined)
    Trio of White OE Games donated by Otis Fields (Fields and Proctor), TN
    Pair of Wheaten OE Games donated by Tony Treadwell (TNT Bantams),SC
    Pair of Black Japanese Bantams donated by Paul Kroll, NY
    Pair of Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams donated by Brian Knox, NH
    Pair of White Crested Black Polish Bantams donated by Joel Henning, NY
    Pair of Black East Indies donated by Mike Johnson (House of Champions), CO
    If you would like to participate, but are not sure of your attendance,
    you can submit your electronic bid no later than Midnight - October 23, 2011
    If you are not at the show, you will be responsible for shipping charges incurred.

    Thanks to everyone for their donations!

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