American Blue and Thrianta Rabbits

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    I've asked about starting a "Rabbit" section on BYC,,seems they believe just starting threads about them here is all thats necessary.There is 35,000 members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.Domestic rabbit production was over 9 million with over 2 million households that owns rabbits for one reason or another.Since many are raised in "Backyards" and tatse like "Chicken" and with the following this forum has,it seems like BYC should be persuaded to have a section here specifically for rabbits,,IMO.
    I've never raised rabbits for meat production but everyday I have to feed my agiing chicken flock that only lays eggs 3-4 months a year anymore,if I'm going to spend my time and labor and buy feed,there is much better rewards in raising rabbits.My old laying flock would work the pressure cooker hard to get them tender,and getting new chicks takes about 6 months before egg production starts,rabbits can be butchered in 8-10 weeks.
    So,while trying to research the over 45 registered breeds,it seems a lot of the questions I have are not easily found.We raise German Shepherds and Peacocks here,never rabbits before.I'm looking at American Blue and Thrianta as two breeds but I now think even tho the Thrianta breed grows to 6 pounds,they are considered a "pet" breed,not a meat breed? The American Blue breeders that I can locate are hours away from me.I'm undecided if owning registerable stock is better,given the simple fact that there is so few American Blues closeby,and their numbers are rather low.I know for a fact from decades of raising purebred-registerable stock,be it dogs or Red Angus cattle,or Duroc hogs there is always an oppurtunity for a premium with traceable lineages proving purity.
    New Zealands-Californians are all over.As with several other breeds.I'm looking for above all,good meat production,as well as easy keeping yet something not everyone else has a lot of.Silver Fox or Silver Martins is another choice I'm considering.
    The ARBA website seems to have more links to buying books,than what they put on their website,and there is no way,35,000 members information-contacts on their website.It is pretty much a "General" website covering slightly most areas of concern,but not in depth enough for what I'm looking for,especially starting out.
    I'm looking to buy a trio-quad of two breeds to begin with.Should they be "show winners"? I've only watched a few rabbit judgings take place and that was at our county fair.I wouldn't know a show winner if I had one,or what distinguishes a show winner from a cull. I can see given the right breed and my location,I could sell as 4-H projects as well as selling to people interested in home meat production,be it thru breeding stock,or butchered rabbits.Many rabbit breeders that has websites has waiting lists or don't have any breeding aged stock for sale,so there is a demand.
    If there are any here that has lots of hands on experience at rearing-raising-showing-selling please let me know your opinions on this.I already have several pens that can be changed slightly for rearing rabbits instead of ornamental pheasants,and I have plenty of room-space to build-expand.
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    BYC has a sister website called Backyard Herds that focuses more on other animals raised in backyards that are not feathered. That may be a good place for you to check out. They have a section specifically for rabbits, and it is a pretty busy website.

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